Why list on Lifestyle & Leisure Sales?

Features for Sellers & Agents

List and manage your property from our easy-to-use editor


Everything you need to publish your property is done with a user-friendly dashboard.

No need to fiddle with clunky and difficult systems, just enter the information on the page, click next, and keep going.

Manage your leads and inquiries


Need to keep track of your leads and your clients.

Lifestyle & Leisure Sales has all the features of a modern CRM to help maximise your chance of selling your property or business.

Keep on top of your listing with our insights


See what’s working, and what isn’t with our flexible analytics panel.

All interactions visitors have with your listings are tracked, providing you with valuable insights including where your visitors are from and how they got to your listing.  We even show the time of the day your listings were visited.

Features for Agencies

Manage your own agents


Agencies can keep track of their own agents in their own time.

Self-serve your agent needs right from the Lifestyle & Leisure Sales dashboard – no need to contact us every time you need to add or remove an agent.

Your Own Agency Profile Page


All agencies get their own profile page that highlights their agents, listings, and agency information.

Upload your logo, add your agents, and away you go!


Simple and transparent Pricing

  • Time Period: 3 months
  • Properties: 1
  • Featured Listings: 0
  • Time Period: 12 months
  • Properties: 1
  • Featured Listings: 0
  • Time Period: 12 months
  • Properties: 1
  • Featured Listings: 1
  • Time Period: 12 months
  • Properties: 10
  • Featured Listings: 5
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