Peter Simms

Property Types

  • 60% Motel
  • 40% Caravan Park

Property Status

  • 40% Investment
  • 40% Freehold
  • 20% Leasehold

About Peter Simms

Peter has been instrumental in many property transactions over his career.  Peter has built a solid foundation as a leading property valuer providing demonstrated skills for investment and financial analysis.

Peter Simms has an ongoing commitment to challenges presented over his 30 years experience in valuation of the hotel and leisure industry, and commercial and residential markets. He’s the Director of the Simms Corp Hotel & Leisure and a series of other companies.

In summary, Peter has performed in excess of 40,000 valuations throughout Australia, located many property opportunities for his Clients and for personal interest (a detailed list of these properties are appended to this profile).

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